Oct 27, 2009


I have been slacking! I haven't posted anything on our blog in days and when I thought of something to post I decided I hated the blog layout. Soooooo, the past two days have been spent trying to find a layout I like. Now this is no easy attempt when you have OCD and are a perfectionist. Reality tells me no one sees things the way I do so just let it go. But unfortunately reality is not something I understand...lol. 

Along with not being happy with the blog layout, I have not been truly inspired these past few days to create anything. But, this to shall pass and I hope you like the new layout. I was going for a cleaner brighter look as opposed to the darker layout we had previously. Please comment and share your thoughts. Ooh, ooh, and check out the Chat Box to the right! Would love for you to leave a message!  Peace Out \/

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