Dec 5, 2009

New found friends

I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow Etsian today. I have tweeted with this fellow jewelry designer for months and she recently purchased two pieces from our Etsy shop. We don't live far from each other so I thought I would suggest personally delivering the pieces. We met at a local bead store (surprised? lol) and she was as lovely as her Etsy shop She is also a freelance graphic designer.

The bead store is one she has visited numerous times, however this was my first visit. I fell in love with this store! A great selection and the cleanest and most organized of any I have seen! One of the greatest features of this store are the classes they offer. Metalsmithing, dichroic glass, bead crocheting, and so much more! My boyfriend and I hope to take the metalsmithing very soon!

Meeting this wonderful Etsian has made me appreciate even more the wonderful community that Etsy provides. How we share knowledge with each other, promote each other, and gain inspiration from one another is something you don't find just anywhere.

I have gained some wonderful friends through Etsy and through these friendships I have learned so much! I appreciate all of you and our Etsy community!

                                                                          Let it Snow!

Nov 29, 2009

Featured Fellow Etsian - TheSpiritedFairy

The hippie in me really loves this shop! I found it using the search term "amber" and I found the lovely "Amber Sunset" candles.

TheSpiritedFairy is a whimsical Etsy shop full of spiritedly torch painted candles and beautiful spirit art.

TheSpiritedFairy is an Eco-friendly Etsy shop. The handmade candles are made from a 100% vegetable base which means they are biodegradable and clean burning. The later is especially important because studies show that paraffin (a petroleum by-product) candles release toxic chemicals into the air we breathe when burned. The candles in this wonderful shop are made with a range of colors making them a perfect gift and a perfect item for your holiday centerpiece. Another favorite are the spirit ornaments.

TheSpiritedFairy is having a holiday special on candles from 11/27-11/30 marking them down 15% from $8.00 a pair to $6.80 a pair. Only $6.80 a pair! That is a great deal .

All of the beautiful items in TheSpiritedFairy's shop are inspired by an apparent love for nature and uniqueness. I just love these candles!

TheSpiritedFairy Stats:
Etsy community member since October of 2009
12 sales
30 items for sale
27 shop hearts (I'm one : )