Sep 19, 2009

The Great Gatsby - A great literary piece!

One of the best "era" novels I have had the joy to read over and over again. F. Scott Fitzgerald captured an era that so many of us now find romantic. When I read this book, I find myself entranced with images of Daisy and Gatsby starring at each other across the room while Nick looks on in wonder. Images of glowing lights, champagne filled glasses, and petite flirty women in flapper dresses laughing and hanging on the closest well to do man. What must it have been like to have been part of a time after the hardships of World War I when people and society were reveling in economic success and high spirits. The speakeasies, the fashion, the movies and music. Oh what I would give to experience the Jazz Age first hand. I can't help but be mystified when reading this wonderful piece of literary art.