Oct 15, 2009

Featured Fellow Etsian of the week

I thought it would be a great idea to feature a fellow Etsian every week. As our first feature I chose The Cupcake Mint "Vegan Cupcakes Made Fresh to Order". This has been one of my favorite shops since joining Etsy and I routinely visit this shop to adore with longing the Amaretto Lemon Buttercream Vegan Cupcakes and the Massive Oatmeal Raisin Spice Vegan Cookie Cream Sandwiches.

It should of be no surprise that I featured a consumable product shop as our first feature. I LOVE FOOD! I love cooking it and eating it! Baking is one of my many hobbies and when I stumbled upon The Cupcake Mint I fell in love.

Other than the obvious luscious deserts, I love this shop for their photos as well. The photos are clean, sharp, detailed and vibrant. Food is something that people are going to be more critical about since your not going to just wear the product, your going to put it in your body and you want to feel good about what you eat. I think they capture the product in a manner that creates a sense of trust and that causes you to drool over it. These are both really good things if your selling food!!

Most of their goodies, like the cupcakes, are shipped with the icing, sprinkles and adornments on the side. This is great as it ensures that you don't receive smeared products, but it also makes the experience fun because you get to decorate them yourself. What a great gist idea! Some orders will include a piping bag for you to beautifully decorate the icing onto the cupcake or you can request a piping bag and they will provide one for free. Their listing also advises you to convo them if you have any allergy concerns, would like a different icing for a particular cupcake, if you want more than what is supplied in the order, or if you would like to arrange a local delivery (you must be within a 25 miles of the shops location).

The Cupcake Mint has a 100% feedback rating, 238 sales, 1,843 shop hearts, and has been a part of the Esty community since December of 2008.

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