Nov 21, 2009

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Nov 20, 2009

When will it end!?

I am quick to make anyone I talk to aware of the fact that I am not an individual who stays completely abreast of political goings on. I am also by no means the type of person who holds engrossing conversations pertaining to taxes, cost of living, this law or that law. That being said, I have to express what I, as an average working class individual, feel about a story that our local news station covered regarding high unemployment in Florida and how it has depleted the unemployment compensation trust fund.

Florida is by no means the only state to suffer from large unemployment rates and I'm sure the light at the end of the tunnel is farther away than we would like it to be in any state. But I cannot seem to see any logical justification for Florida effectively raising unemployment compensation taxes by as much as twelve times what business owners already pay in order to replenish the unemployment trust fund. Why is the solution always to pull from the pockets of the people working hard to survive in a unstable economy.

The truth behind this tax increase is that the business owners who are going to be paying this exorbitant tax will have to make unsavory decisions in order to stay afloat. These decisions will range from increasing the costs of whatever services they provide which will result in less business (not like a lot of business is going around these days to begin with!), pay cuts or a reduction of hours for the employees they staff resulting in less money being put into the economy because people just can't afford to buy that car or the house they need for their growing family, and of course MORE LAYOFFS which will only increase the unemployment rate in turn raising the amount coming out of the fund this tax increase is supposed to be replenishing! Its a constant and ridiculous cycle.

I am not devoid of common sense and I realize that their is a process of checks and balances and that certain laws exist to create that balance. But when will it end?! When will the monetary sacrifice not be forced upon the citizens. I don't care who you vote for or if your vote at all, its all the same "if you elect me to be your President, Governor, Mayor, foreseer of all wisdom. I will blah blah blah and so on." Its over, our faith is shattered and your words only convey that you know we aren't idiots and that you choose to ignore the problem because you don't have a solution or your not willing to make the monetary sacrifice yourself.

So there is my rant for the day. Like I said, I am no political guru nor do I claim to be. But what I am is a part of the working class who is affected by every decision that our government makes and the taxes I pay out off my paycheck, for my house and hopefully someday in my own business ( I must be crazy right!) gives me the right to voice my opinion. P.S. the title of this post is a link to the story regarding the tax increase.

Nov 19, 2009

Two more days and a taste of the good life.

I am ├╝ber excited about having next week off from my lacluster "job"! I have so many ideas for new pieces I want to create and new found interests in polymer clay, resin, and knitting. In planning for that highly anticipated week I bought a lot of polymer clay during a BOGO sale, and some findings for jewelry pieces. I was hoping to purchase some knitting needles and yarn but I had no clue where to start. What needles to buy, what gauge yarn! Needless to say that endeavor will have to wait.

So I have spent the last week compiling notes, pictures, making to do list and things of that sort so that there is a bit of order in my obsessive compulsive world. I have to rank what is most important to me to accomplish during that week or I will do everything half way and never finish it. At the top of my list is making a polymer clay pendant with delicate flower petals and maybe glass beads placed in their centers. This was the inspiration for this goal....

Next goal is  to hammer out some sterling silver for earrings and pendants. Then hopefully to sew the curtains for our bedroom. The street light just blinds me at 2 in the morning and I think  its 6am. After I have a "oh my god I am going to be so late" heart attack, I realize its only 2 am but by that time I am wide awake and telling myself for the tenth time to make curtains already!Then my final goal is to bake 'till I can't bake any more. I have a recipe for French Toast Cupcakes and Cherry Cola Chocolate Cake. The French Toast Cupcakes will have cream cheese frosting and will be sprinkled with bacon. Odd but right up my ally.

On the list of non-creative goals is to watch "Twighlight New Moon", read "Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil" for the third time (love that book!) and to spend time with family of course. Ahhh a week to taste the good life!

!!****** Oh, keep in mind that I will be running great sales in our Etsy shop and Artifre studio the week I am off which is Thanksgiving week (11/23-11/27). The best sales will be on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Visit us at and*******!!

"The irony of commitment is that it’s deeply liberating – in work, in play, in love. The act frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself up and parade around as rational hesitation. To commit is to remove your head as the barrier to your life." ~ Anne Morriss