Jun 16, 2010

A Morning at the Park

I had a wonderful trip to the park yesterday morning! I had to make sure I was up early and ready to go because here in Florida it gets to 90° by 11 am and your begging for a swim in the ocean by noon. So an hour or so drive to the state park, my roomy and friend, our cameras and the explorative spirit and I was ready for some great pics and new memories. 

First I had to make my way down to the river and make my way to a rock I noticed from the path so I could show off, lol.

Then we began down the path and I had to enjoy this barefooted. I always think of who might have walked in a place before me, hundreds of years ago, even thousands. To think of how the landscape of earth has changed and how a patch of land that I now walk upon might have been hundreds of miles to the north, south, east, or west before. 

As we walked, we noticed the river was clearer than it usually this time of year and there were so many bottom feeders indulging in excessive amounts of algae and plant life on the rocks below.  Birds flitting about in the tree tops, lizards and snakes scurrying down and away from the path as we walked by, spider webs ALL OVER the place. Amazing how those suckers weave a single thread of silken web in a matter of minutes to get from one side to the other! Then we got to the suspended bridge. Here I was reminded of something my mother used to tell me. She used to tell me that as you get older, you find that you are more fearful of certain things. When we are little and even as teenagers, we don't think of consequences and the possibility of getting hurt when we climb a tree of jump from one rock landing to another, but when you get older, you gain knowledge and knowledge provides you with wisdom, if you'll allow it, and wisdom gives your foresight. These are necessary and blessed abilities, however they didn't help me climb onto this tree! So, I just stayed put with my feet on the bridge and a little stretching along the branch. 

I was happy to climb a more welcoming tree down the path however. 

As we finished our hike, I came across such wonderful creations and beautiful pictures.

My favorite of all, as we left the park, the path leading out has a sign that states "Take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints." This statement would make our lives easier and more productive if we would heed to it when we consider how we treat this planet. Because it isn't "our" planet, we didn't create it, what right do we have to damage it?

Finally, as we left I noticed this thing floating on the air like a torn piece of paper. It was weightless in flight and I realized it was a large moth. So gorgeous and angelic. It finally landed and stayed as I took this shot, my favorite photo of the day by far!