Nov 4, 2009

Featured Fellow Etsian of the Week


This weeks featured fellow Etsian is doti. This is on of my absolute favorite shops! I am an absolute music fanatic! I remember my father sitting me in front of his Cerwin Vega speakers with his JVC amp and cassette player pointing out the timing in each song he played, pointing out the lyrics that meant something to him, and teaching me how to listen to the entire compilation of a song and not just the words. From those moments a monster was created and now I can't hear a song without blurting out who sings it, when it was released and what album it was released on. And if I don't know it then I will find out. Any way, enough about me! :P

doti takes what is a love for many of us and combines it with the peace of mind that you are purchasing an up-cycled item and not wasting precious album artwork. What's more is the prices are so reasonable! Some great features of doti's work is the authentic vinyl album separator used in the notebooks, the slip pockets and the fact that you can add more paper to these totally cool notebooks since doti uses loose leaf rings.

doti has a 100% feedback rating, 63 sales, 250 shop hearts (I'm one :), and has been a part of the Esty community since March of 2009.

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