Aug 14, 2009

CSA (Support local agriculture)

I do a newsletter for my current job and I research stories and news that is relative to anything but work. I want to get peoples minds off of their job for a moment when they read my newsletter. In my researching I found an article on National Geographic that pertained to "sustainable agriculture" and how the manner in which the world grows and ships it's produce is having a big effect on our land. The article commented on how some people argue that produce not native to your country is brought to you using various shipping methods allowing us to think these fruits and vegetables are available to us year round. But this commodity is hurting us in the long run. The article had me thinking, why am I not supporting my local farmer? The link above will take you to a site where you can enter your zip code or city and state to see what local farms are around you. There is a fee for each season and some farms might require that you pay the fee and work a few hours as part of your membership. Get off the couch, stop giving the grocery store the money that should be going to the hands that grew the apple you just bit into. Lets get back to basics and appreciate that how we treat our planet is how it will return the favor.

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